Bozeman, MT based Toy Soldiers Productions, now in its third year of production, has released the trailer for its upcoming film, “Act Natural.” Shot on location in Montana, Washington, Colorado, Utah, California, Wyoming Minnesota, Idaho and Alberta, the film is set to drop on September 7. The trailer has some awesome urban footage as well as shot from the mountain. Check out the air at 2:42, the crash at 1:40 and the gap at 2:57 for some highlights.

The film features Shay Lee, Brock Paddock, Sandy Boville, Finn Anderson, Karl Fostvedt, Austin Torvinen, Khai Krepala, Dash Kamp, Noah Wallace, Jake Doan, David Steele, Same Hurst, Will Berman and Luke Perin.

Music: “Dirty Paws” by Of Monsters and Men


Preorder here: Toy Soldiers Productions

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