Airplane Safety Guid
Always get to know your flying hunk of steel
Airplane Safety Guid
Always get to know your flying hunk of steel

So you plan to engage in one of the most unnatural phenomena we as humans undergo, flying through the air at speeds in excess of 500 miles per hour in a vehicle that looks like it belongs more in the sea than the sky? Across the pacific, down to South America, up to Canadia…no matter your destination ya gotta choose a seat.  So what’ll it be, aisle or window??

Where to sit – Aisle Vs. Window

Aisle Argument:

  • Leg space – you can stretch out in the aisle!
  • Closer to stewardess as she hands out your twice reheated plate of diarrhea
  • No need to feel awkward waking that grumpy partner when nature begins to scream
  • Easy to stand up and take a walk about the cabin when the ol’ legs get restless

Window Argument:

  • A place to lean your head whilst you sleep (THE reason to be in the window seat)
  • Scout mountains from an otherwise unattainable perspective
  • View the world over through your magical 8×14 in. portal
Relaxing in the aisle seat
The aisle ain’t half bad

No matter which seat you choose, everyone knows you do NOT want to find yourself in the middle seat on a flight of any length. Spending the night between Mr. 400 Pound Beef Cake and Ms. Newborn Cry Baby is not where you want to spend the next few hours of you life.  And no matter which seat you find yourself in, always remember the armrest of the seat in front of you makes for an excellent place to rest your feet.

A few steps you can take to ensure a desirable seat on your flight:

  • At the time of booking your ticket see if you can choose your seating assignment
  • After booking tickets it is often possible to log in and switch your seat assignment after ticket purchase
  • Ask at baggage check if you can swap your seat for an aisle or window seat
  • Also at baggage check demand first class – if all the seats aren’t filled ya just might get lucky!
  • Exit rows also proffer a wealth of foot space, so book ’em if available!
    dog on a plane
    Ain’t he cute?


And if you have deep insecurity issues you can always slap a service pack on the back of mans best friend and bring your pooch along for the ride.

Slots in the Airport
Come one, come all. Make your millions right here

There are also some key considerations while in the airport to make your travels as smooth as possible. For starters, if you see machines of the type pictured above near your gate you will want to find a new  waiting location ASAP. Nothing like a distorted Price is Right jingle at 4a.m. to brighten the mood…

Also be sure to search the terminal for an area with seats that have no arm rests as these make for excellent napping spots.  Keep an eye out for outlets, as they’re very hard to come by.  Airports are tricky, and rather than offering an abundance of outlets to make our travels easier (which would have been a fraction of the cost compared to the odd piece of “art” in the center of the terminal) they tend to hide them in the most obscure of places.  Look for outlets at the bottom of support pillars, under benches, and in small dark corners and your bound to find a place to refuel your electronic entertainment.

First Class Livin
And I’ll have a glass of wine, and a moist towelette, and a hamburger, and an eye mask, and…Miles seeing what it’s like to sit in First Class waiting to retrieve bags from the back of the plane

And we all know First Class is the only way to fly…  Despite the tall price tag, the amenities are undeniably grand.  Drink service before you’ve even taken off, a seat with more robotic adjustments than your rich grandma’s Mercedes, moist AND warm towelette’s, and just about anything else you could dream up. Such a plush environment is certainly tempting, but I myself choose Coach and save that much more cash for the destination.

So what do you say?  Aisle amenities or window for the win?

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