Best Winter MTB Edits of 2012 []

Best Winter MTB Edits of 2012 []


Best Winter MTB Edits of 2012 []

By‘s best winter edits of 2012.


Silvia – Winter trails with Matt Hunter on Pinkbike

Hunter shredding in fresh tracks on some local trails surrounding Kamloops. Big thanks to Dylan Sherrard for lighting up Matt in the night section!öyksopp – What Else Is There?


The Graham Agassiz Profile on Pinkbike

The Graham Agassiz Profile: This profile recounts what would end up being a most epic adventure. From whiteouts to near death experiences, straightlining through head-sized boulders straight through to the precarious edge of modern big mountain riding. Here’s our journey to the heart of one of mountain biking’s most exciting riders.

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