Alaska Archives will chronicle a spring spent ski touring out of an RV around south central Alaska.

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Words and photos courtesy of Zach Paley. See more on his blog.


Skipping over a few days of heavy drinking in Seward and Anchorage, and a week of getting shut down at Hatcher Pass, the skies finally cleared when we moved back to the Kenai Peninsula. Finally knowing what it’s really like in Alaska, we pushed through fatigue, wet feet, and sun burns to to ski hard on these clear days. We were rewarded with some late season powder skiing and the biggest spine line of the trip. Little did we know these would be the last good turns of the trip. In retrospect, I’m glad we made the most of it.

No corn here
Nice to see contrails again


More good turns


Tracks down the last line. Spines are really fun.




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