East Face
Top of Morningside lift

Spring is here without a doubt. With temperatures reaching the mid 60’s everyday, the snow is super soft and slushy. In the last few nights there was no freeze on the lower mountain, so the snow was best in the early mornings and in the afternoon it was too wet and slushy! The upper mountain is best around noon and there are still some pockets of good snow on the north facing slopes. East Face and No Names are simply the best right now for the upper mountain.

East Face

The Rabbit Ears Park is pretty good right now. The jump line is hard to hit all the jumps in the afternoon, due to warm temperatures. The rails and boxes are clean and solid. The big park is blah! The jumps suck and are like hitting step downs… On Friday I saw more people getting injured than skiing it clean. The halfpipe is the best I have seen it in years! It is getting cut every night. Beware of the left wall that gets baked fast by the sun in the mornings.

Buff pass is all tracked out! Still some good snow on the north facing aspects. The road out is ok but is getting bare quick.

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