For once, it sounds like snow totals in Japan are falling short of those around North America (glad that everyone is finally getting some). However, that is not to say that there is not good skiing in Hakuba right now. With a little extra work, there is still plenty of good snow around.

After a dusting of new snow over night, the day began with cloudy skies. As morning wore on, many areas began to clear, but extreme winds and clouds remained on high ridge tops. The only recent avalanche activity we witnessed was a small, shallow slab that released due to rapid wind loading. It does appear that the new snow is bonding nicely on the rain crust, as we have not seen anything sliding on it in the past two days. showing precipitation arriving on Friday.

It appears that tomorrow will be the last day with clear(ish) skies, as rain/snow arrives on Friday and will stick around awhile. Keep a close eye on the freezing level as precipitation begins, hopefully it will stay cold and we will get snow close to the valley floor.

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