sled pov fail

There are fails and then there are EPIC fails – this qualifies as the latter. Ever wonder, “what if I/you/he/she doesn’t make it to the top on a massive hill climb on a snowmobile?” Now we have the answer in most riveting form.

Have you spent much time Braaaaaping about on a snowmobile? I’ve spent enough time on sleds to know that they’re wildly fun, yet scary as hell. This video reminds me of just how madly fast sh*t can go downhill (pun intended) on a sled when mistakes happen. Not that you would EVER catch me attempting to hill climb anything remotely near the GNAR factor that this Scandinavian homie attempts… but I’m just sayin’.

This video is a touch long (approx. 4min), yet still worth watching from start to finish. The build-up to the “point of conflict” (@ :50sec) will help you to appreciate what this sled-neck is now in for. And, as you watch, jaw a-gape, remember this: “it ain’t over ’til it’s over.”

Reactions? I’m still speechless…

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