If you still don't believe in Global Warming you can just close your eyes, plug your ears, and hum. But, even if you don't believe in it, here are the facts: Global Warming hits Lake Tahoe | Unofficial Networks

Global Warming hits Lake Tahoe

Global Warming hits Lake Tahoe


Global Warming hits Lake Tahoe


If you still don’t believe in Global Warming you can just close your eyes, plug your ears, and hum.  But, even if you don’t believe in it, here are the facts:

#1 – The nightly minimum temperatures recorded at Tahoe City have increased by more than 4 degrees F since 1910 from 28F to just over 32F.

#2 – Days when air temperatures averaged below freezing have generally decreased by 30 days per year since 1910. 

#3 – Since 1910, the percent of precipitation that fell in the form of snow decreased from 52 percent to 34 percent. 

#4 – Peak snow melt averages 2 1/2 weeks earlier than in the early 1960s. 

This information from:  UC Davis’ ‘State of the Lake Report’  (If you are interested in Lake Tahoe at all, check out this link.  Monthly & yearly percipitation avg.s, temp avg.s, & more)

Another major effect of Global Warming on the lake is the lake’s rising water temperature.  Warming of Tahoe’s water will likey lead to less frequent deep water mixing.  The mixing of the lake’s water is key to distributing oxygen throught the lake.  Without the mixing Tahoe will experience less cold-water native fish, more invasive species, and a general breakdown of Lake Tahoe’s food chain.  Lake Tahoe has already increased almost one full degree since 1970, from 41.7 degrees F to 42.6 degrees F.

Check out these impressively scary quotes from UC Davis scientist Geoffrey Schladow:

“Anoxia (oxygen depletion) occurs annually in most lakes and reservoirs in California in the summer. But Tahoe has always been special. It’s been above and beyond such things.”


“A permanently stratified Lake Tahoe becomes just like any other lake or pond. It is no longer this unique, effervescent jewel, the finest example of nature’s grandeur.”

A recent study done by Schladow and colleagues is predicting that Lake Tahoe could stop mixing entirely as early as the year 2019.  That’s less than 9 years away.


Luckily, there is tons you can do to fight climate change:

1 – Join an environmental group so you can gang up on politicians and educate people.  Try:  Environmentcalifornia.org, ProtectOurWinters.org and others.

2 – Do whatever you can to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle in your own life.

3 – Offset your travel and lifestyle:  Ecoandina.org, Carbonfund.org.

4 – LEARN:  Noaa.gov: Global Warming – Seriously, read this one.  This is literally everything you need to know about Global warming.   NatGeo.com – This one is simple yet less informational.


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