Finally Powder This Week for Tahoe

Finally Powder This Week for Tahoe


Finally Powder This Week for Tahoe


Snow is finally in the forecast all week for Tahoe. We have one storm already in progress with a bigger storm forecasted for Wednesday and one last wave for Thursday.

Already a foot of snow on Mt. Rose being reported Monday morning!  Heavy band of snow was sitting along East side of the lake early this morning.  Other resorts reporting a couple of inches, but a heavy band of snow now working up the West side of the lake so that everyone else can catch up today.

The forecast models all came in with more moisture for today’s event overnight.  They now show a bullseye of a quarter to a half inch of liquid over Tahoe.  That should give us up to 3-6 inches at lake level and 5-10 inches above 7000 ft.  We could hit a foot above 8000 ft.  Obviously going to be over a foot on Mt. Rose.  This is blower pows with temps only in the teens above 8000 ft.  Here is TWC’s forecast for this storm.

Next storm for Wednesday into Thursday is looking really good.  The European forecast model continues to show over 2 inches of liquid on the crest this morning.  The GFS forecast model is looking wetter this morning showing over an inch of liquid equivelant on the crest. I am going to use the NAM forecast model for now for the forecast because it is in the middle of the pack as far as precip amounts. 

The snow will start late Tuesday night but the heaviest snow will fall on Wednesday. Here is the liquid forecast converted into snowfall.  By Wednesday night expecting 6-9 additional inches at lake level, 8-12 inches above 7000 ft., and 10-15 inches above 8000 ft.

The snow showers keep going into Wednesday night and then Thursday as another weak wave dives in.  The snow showers may last into Thursday evening.  By Thursday night we could add another 3-6 inches at lake level, 4-8 inches above 7000 ft., and 5-10 inches above 8000ft.  Here is the total snowfall forecast through Thursday.


Total snowfall for the week could be around 12-21 inches at lake level, 17-30 inches above 7000 ft., and 25-37 inches above 8000 ft.  We’ll have to wait until Friday to add it all up.  If the GFS is right we would be on the low end of these and the Euro the high end. Keep your fingers crossed. BA

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