In 2011, Norwegian ski jumper, Johan Remen Evensen, set the world record with this 808 foot ski flight. That is just shy of two and half football fields!

Ski Jumping Facts

  • Ski jumping originated in Norway.
  • The first record is credited to Olaf Rye, a soldier who set up a show spectated by his fellow soldiers in 1808, reaching 9.5 meters on Vardebakken hill in Eidsberg, Norway.
  • Matt Nykanen (Finland) is the first ski jumper ever to collect three gold medals in one Olympics. (1988 Calgary Olympics)
  • The first ski jump event to take place in the United States was on Feb. 8, 1887.
  • Ski Jump landings are 35 to 36 degrees.
  • There are hills where a jumper can fly 400 feet but never be higher than six feet above the landing.
  • Most of the elite ski jumpers weigh no more than 150 pounds. Thomas Morgenstern of Austri patted his stomach. He is among the larger jumpers at 6 feet ½ inch and 147 pounds.


Crashes in ski jumping. Mazoch,Morgenstern,Goldberger and other jumpers.

Michal Dolezal- Hakuba 2000

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