Piling on the Snow in the Cascades

Piling on the Snow in the Cascades


Piling on the Snow in the Cascades


The is a little ski resort with 10 trails in the Olympic range of Washington called Hurricane Ridge that has picked up 111 inches in the past 5 days.  That is over 9 feet of snow!  I would love it if someone could verify that as I got those numbers from snowcountry.com and the resort supposedly reports in the totals everyday.  The more believeable amounts are the 3-4 feet that have fallen at Mt. Baker and The Summit at Snoqualmie since Sunday.  Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood over a foot.

There is another big storm about to dump on Mt. Baker and the Cascades tomorrow through Saturday.  This will be a cold storm so it will be all snow for the mountains.  By Sunday morning we could be looking at another 2-3+ feet for Mt. Baker down to the Summit at Snoqualmie.  Further South down into Oregon we could see 1.5-2.5 feet on Mt. Hood and 12-18+ inches for Mt. Bachelor.

Here is the snowfall forecast through Sunday in inches.  It maxes out at 2 feet in the peach color.

We’ll have a bit of a break Monday and Tuesday and then it looks like a triple slam of storms Wed-Fri.  The first two storms are cold and the biggest storm on Friday looks like the snow levels could come up a little before falling again.  Total snowfall for the 3 days could be another 2-3+ feet in the Cascades where it stays all snow.  That could bring the 7 day total to 4-6+ feet for Baker and 3-4 feet down by Mt. Bachelor.

Here is the snowfall forecast through next Friday.  You can see it has 45-60 inches in Washington.

That is not the end as the long-range has the Friday storm continuing through next weekend.  The week of the 5th the pattern is setup for storms to continue to dump on the Pacific NW.  It is going to be fun to tally up all this snow over the next couple of weeks and beyond.  BA





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