This past week has been filled with 3″ to 5″ storms per night.  That may not be too much motivation to get out of bed early and wait in the tram line,  but the the snow is riding surprisingly deep.  Not everything can get tracked out in one day and the fresh coat combined with the wind each night provides for some great riding.  Even the bowl that was pretty affected from the sun is riding much softer now.  The north facing trees are also riding great as always.  Expert Shoots have some great soft piles that make the many showing rocks worth while.  Getting to the lower half of the lower faces does make for some difficult riding with wiles of soft on a very firm base.

it was a bonus this week to see some sun and be able to hike up high.  The snow was great and allowed for many people go get out and explore.  This next week looks like more snow.  Maybe La Nina is just running late.

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