A Brief Break Before The Snow Returns to the Rockies

A Brief Break Before The Snow Returns to the Rockies


A Brief Break Before The Snow Returns to the Rockies


Over the past week most locations in the Rockies from Wyoming down to Utah and over to Colorado have picked up several inches to over a foot of snow.  We are seeing a brief break in the action for Thursday and Friday before the next storm moves in over the weekend.  The pattern will stay favorable for several light-moderate snow events to move through the Rockies through next week.

The next storm will move into the Pacific NW on Saturday and will begin to spread snow into Idaho.  By Saturday night the snow will push into Wyoming and then down into Utah for Sunday.  We are looking at a general 3-6 inches of snow through these areas with this first system, with the least amounts in Utah.  Sunday night into Monday the storm pushes East into Colorado bringing what looks to be a little bit more snow in the 6-9 inch range.  The moist flow should keep light snow going in Idaho and Wyoming through the weekend adding a few more inches.

Here is the total precip forecast through the weekend from the GFS and you can see the amounts are light with less than an inch of liquid so about 3-6 inches in the light green areas and 6-12 in the puke green through the weekend.

The next storm will move into the Pacific NW on Tuesday and will bring more snow into Idaho and Wyoming.  It looks like over a foot of snow could fall into Northern Idaho and then several inches to a foot down into Wyoming near Jackson.  This storm will be taking a more Northern track and not pushing South into Utah.  For Colorado it will be a close call but right now it looks like we could see several inches for at least the Northern half of the state, especially up near Steamboat on Wednesday.

Yet another storm moves into the Pacific NW on Thursday bringing more snow to the same areas as the Tuesday system.  This system looks like another light snow producer bring several more inches from Idaho down to Northern Colorado.  This storm is still a week away so a lot could change, but there should be some sort of storm moving through.

Here is the total snowfall forecast from the GFS through next Thursday.  There should be at least 2 feet in the Northern tip of Idaho and then several inches to over a foot of snow for everyone else in the pink colors.

Looking at the long-range there have been hints that a cold trough drops into the West around the 25th of the month as you can see below on the GFS for Saturday the 25th.  The forecast models have been back and forth with the pattern for the last week of February, but there is the chance we could see this cold trough drop in bringing some bigger snows to the Rockies.  BA

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