Taking pictures of powder skiing.
Photographer Patrick Fux and Skier Jake Cohn, hard at work.

Zach Paley has been taking some great photos this winter in Hakuba. Today was another productive one, with some quality shots at at Cortina Resort. This gallery gives an inside look of what its like to take pictures of powder skiing.

Pillow popping.
Jake Cohn pillow popping.

With the huge amount of snow we get here in Japan, every tree builds up a little ramp on the uphill side. Non stop airs on tree runs.

Miles Clark dam huck.
Miles Clark airing a dam in Japan.

The Japanese love building enormous (and probably unnecessary) cement structures. This is pretty convenient for us skiers, because they sure are fun to jump off.

Jake Cohn hand drag.
Jake Cohn, hand drag, avy fence.

See above for the Japanese affinity to man made structures for skiers to jump off. This photo involves the whole team – Jake skiing, Miles criticizing, and Mr. Fux in the corner snapping a photo.

Pillow to 180.
Jake, pillow air to dam 180.

Natural airs can be fun too. Jake combines the best of both worlds with pillows and structures in the same line.

Mountain scene.
Skiers and scenery.

A parting shot of a beautiful day in the Northern Japanese Alps.


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