Snow Continues To Pile UP in the Pacific NW

Snow Continues To Pile UP in the Pacific NW


Snow Continues To Pile UP in the Pacific NW


The resorts in the Pacific NW picked up another 6-12 inches in the past 24 hours adding to some impressive snow totals over the past 2 weeks.  It is winding down not but after only a short break the next 2 days the snow will begin to fall again on Sunday. 

Mt. Baker has picked up over 120 inches in the past 2 weeks and now has a snow depth of 12 feet at the base.  Mt. Bachelor has picked up over 100 inches and has an 8 foot snow depth at the base.  The Summit at Snoqualmie and Mt. Hood hood are right there too with both reporting an 8 foot snow depth at the base.  It is beginning to look a lot like it did last February.

There will be a break in the action Friday and Saturday before the next storm moves in on Sunday into Monday.  This storm looks pretty cold and early estimates looking at the total precip forecast off the GFS model today would be another 2-3 feet from Mt. Baker down to Mt. Hood with 1-2 feet for Mt. Bachelor.

The next  storm pushes in by Wednesday but is warmer with snow levels maybe up above 4000 ft., and it is focused further North mainly over Washington.  There are several waves that keep the precip going into Friday morning.  The total precip forecast on the GFS by next Friday is quite impressive showing a solid 6-8 inches of liquid. 

That means another 4-5 feet are possible Tuesday-Friday above 4000 ft. around Baker.  If you think Baker is getting it good over the next week you should see up into Western Canada where they could pick up over 100 inches of snow by the end of next week.


It looks like there could be another break the first weekend of the month before more storms move in the following week. We are hoping that some of those storms can make it further down the coast into CA. BA

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