Daniel Tisi skiing in front of TGR's cameras

You might have heard the news- about a week ago a massive storm turned our season right around here in Jackson. Everyone around the valley has been energized by the powder, and as it generally goes here in Jackson, people have documented it. Here are a handful of videos showing off the efforts of some prior to the storm as well as some good ‘ol shredding since the dumpage.

Pre Storm

Ryan Halverson’s Full Room Productions was making the most of things running up to the storm- can’t wait to see what they’ll have for us in the near future!

GetUngrounded.com‘s Michelle Smith has a way of making me feel pretty damn lazy– as she was up high in the park (some seriously THIN coverage getting into lines…), shredding the pass, and documenting some lesser known animal behaviors:

Jib Ninja and all round shredder Matt Philippi is filming around Jackson this season with a lil film company called Teton Gravity ResearchHere is a sweet edit Matt put together utilizing the GoPro Hero2

Matt Philippi’s TGR Athlete GoPro Series Episode

Post Storm

Tim Swartz has certainly been getting after it- upside down, rightside up, and laying down some nice long pow lines. Some awesome high speed powder wheelies in this one:

So, let’s assume you started skiing or snowboarding at a young age.  Did you ever get to skip school to go shredding?  Well…did you ever get to skip school to go shredding in front of TGR’s cameras- and then throw down stylie flat spins like a gangstah? Me neither- but TGR Grom Contest winner Daniel Tisi did!

Matt Philippi and 13 year old Daniel Tisi filming with TGR around JHMR

Than Volk of PointOfRelease.com knows how to properly mix up the GoPro angles with this fun blend of storm skiing and sunny pow:



I should have a little edit up soon. It’s taking a little longer than expected for the audio track because my barber shop trio had a member walk out. Who the hell wants to listen to a barber shop duo?


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