Whistler Snow and Backcountry Report - Jan 16th, 2012

Whistler Snow and Backcountry Report - Jan 16th, 2012


Whistler Snow and Backcountry Report - Jan 16th, 2012


Whistler Pow Skiing

photo: whistlerisawesome.com

The temperatures have dropped and we’ve had some beautiful cold smoke to rip the last few days and the forecast is telling us it’s only going to get better. With a forecast snowfall of 10-15cm on Tuesday and 25-40cm on Wednesday with unusually cold temps the south coast is in for a real treat: champagne pow. And this is something we rarely see out here on the wet coast.

The Hazard right now as per the CAA and Whistler Blackcomb for the Whistler backcountry and surrounding area, including the Duffy Lake road, is:


We still have some deep instabilities lurking about in the bottom of the snowpack and with these cold temps we’re sure to see those sugary layers down low continue to rot out. Thin, rocky areas will require careful route finding. There has also been lots of wind lately. With all this dry snow, even a little bit of wind can form fat little windslabs that have been highly reactive. Ski touring yesterday, we were able to get lots of little windslabs on lee slopes to move, so don’t take things for granted out there.

The touring the last couple of days has been awesome and is sure to only get better. But use your heads! I watched a group of 7 yesterday go up Cowboy Ridge in tight formation right through a start zone. Safe travel will save your life, dingbat, so be careful out there.

Dress warm, be safe and ski hard.

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