Top 10 Ski Hats Ever - Starting with the #1 Ace boon coon 1. Chapeau Dragon - the most poplular in the East coast regions mostly in Quebec, this is the #1 for it's obvious reasons! It rocks Top 10 Ski Hats Of All-Time | Unofficial Networks

Top 10 Ski Hats Of All-Time

Top 10 Ski Hats Of All-Time


Top 10 Ski Hats Of All-Time


Top 10 Ski Hats of All-Time

  Starting with the #1 Ace boon coon

1. Chapeau Dragon – the most poplular in the East coast regions mostly in Quebec, this is the #1 for it’s obvious reasons! It rocks!

chapeau dragon

2. Chapeau Jester – the second most popular in the East coast regions, this hat resembles the joking side of a trip to the mountain. Mostle worn by little kids or drunk middle age men looking to mix it up! Frenchy style. Note: not the same as the dragon ..bells?

chapeau jester very popular

3. Cowboy Hat – Worn by the right person this hat can surely change a persons afternoon, night & forever best for spring days in CO.

cowboy hat for skiing

4. Sans Tuque –  Just saying screw it..not even wearing a hat….just going for it, it’s usually the dude with a bald head anyways! Weird, you would think they would be cold.

bald guy with ski goggles

5. Red Green Canadian Hick Hat – Josh Dirksen if you are out there you are totally guilty of this, also Gigi Ruff rips AK lines in this.

canadian hick hat


6. Condom Hat – look we all are guilty of this phenomenon, girls do not sleep with you according to how much your head looks like a used condom, but if they did i’d be set!

condom hat


7. Alpine 80’s Hat – Preferably it says Rossignol or HEAD on it some out of date ski company from the 80’s.  You have to wear it above your ears so it pokes up like a steeple in New England.  It’s a competition between the condom hat, come on you want to get laid right.

80's awesoem hat


8. Beer Helmet – This is appropriate for all the kids who think their mother works at the mountain cleaning up their beer cans, and tucking them in at night.  This way they don’t have to throw their cans on my favorite line, they can just go home and be wasted!

beer hat guy

9. Stupid Hats that are made because MEN aren’t being MEN – oooh my face gets cold when I get a face shot, ohhee i can’t grow facial hair so I have this uber gay hat that my hippie friend Sunshine made for me! up and grow a beard!

so lame

10.  For the last and final place It is a tie!  I have to give it to Dragon #2 for being such a champ! And to the 70’s mustache for just well being correct!  I’m pretty sure growing up we all had uncles and family friends fitting this mold..ehw pretty scary, can you say rape!

The best everLet me know which one you think deserves the final spot ?  Dragon Guy 

70s hat    or 70’s hat complete with mannequin mustache!

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