Conditions Report | Squaw Valley - January 3

Conditions Report | Squaw Valley - January 3


Conditions Report | Squaw Valley - January 3


Unofficial Conditions Report:

Current conditions reminds me of early season skiing back east. Fast and fun on white ribbons of manmade snow. The only diffrence is that it’s 50 degrees, sunny and it feels more like spring then winter. Luckily  there are only a handful of skiers and riders so you can find room to turn.

From what I can tell, squaw has stoped making snow all together. For the past few nights I have not heard any snow-guns blowing. There are a lot of rumors flying around but if Squaw really is out of water for snowmaking conditions are going to get real ugly in the very near future.

At this point one storm is not going to do much.  We are basically starting from scratch. What we really need is a multi storm cycle to set up with a few weeks of consistent snowfall. Best case sanarrio puts us around the first week of February before we will see any major terrain openings.


And now for a short rant: KSL can you please, please, please convert red dog and/or resort chair to a high speed quad or 6-pack. If you guys are looking to “create” more intermediate terrain this is the best place to start. For us “low life locals” the high speed chairs would mean less traffic and shorter lift lines on KT during storm days and faster laps during early season operations. It’s a win-win. You create better access to blue runs with a view of the lake for your target skiers and we get more laps on powder days.

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