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By is proud to officially announce our merger with Here is a message from founder Mark Fisher.

It doesn’t do any good to question who was first. All that matters is that and are there for the same reason. About a month ago, I had a chance to sit down for a beer with Tim Konrad, founder of Unofficial Networks. We found we both share a passion for snow, sliding on snow, and we love our respective mountains.

Now that our respective mountains are one and the same, it’s time to combine our efforts. Over the next couple of weeks, will become a part of Unofficial Networks.

We can hear it now. loyalists will say they don’t want any granola recipes posted on their blog. loyalists will voice their concerns that BN backflip videos will be posted on their blog. Those things might happen, and when they do, it will be hilarious, but ultimately, we all share the same passion for winter. It will not only be okay, it may just be amazing.

As we enter some crazy new times, with new management, new employees, more crowds and changing operational tactics – it’s critical that we stick together in letting Squaw Valley Ski Holdings LLC know what we are thinking. There’s power in numbers and with the Unofficials joining forces, those numbers will be bigger than ever.

For regulars, we’re not just giving them the name and turning over the keys to the site. I’ll still be working with Unofficial Networks to keep people informed about what’s up with Alpine Meadows. We hope to keep Andy’s reports rolling. We hope that the loyal network of people that have kept us informed continue to hang with us through the transition.

There’s still a lot of Alpine Meadows news to report, so stay tuned here. We’ll keep posting here right up to the transition day. One day, you’ll just notice that the site looks just a bit more like Thanks for everyone that has supported us since 2008 (and earlier).

– Mark

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