Whistler Museum hosted its first annual Big Kid Lego Contest on Oct. 13 2011. It got a bit serious as people competed for some major prizes Big Kid Lego Contest in Whistler | Event Review | Unofficial Networks

Big Kid Lego Contest in Whistler | Event Review

Big Kid Lego Contest in Whistler | Event Review


Big Kid Lego Contest in Whistler | Event Review



On Thursday October 13, 2011 the Whistler Museum hosted the first annual Big Kid Lego Competition.  It cost $10 to enter and contestants were given a limited time to construct something based around the theme “Off Season, What Off Season?”  Things got a bit more serious then the Whistler Museum staff expected when they started receiving phone calls asking for more detailed rules, what they were and were not allowed to bring.  People showed up with a headlamps, diagrams, and a handful of their own pieces.  They all sat around a huge table full of Lego and went to town.  Luckily the kind people at the museum were nice enough to put out a table of Lego for the “recreational” Lego builders which I enjoyed the entire time the completion was going on.  Everyone got 3 marbles to vote for their favorite at the end.  Take at look at all the entries, some of them really knock your socks off!

This was the first place winner. Look at the detail, it has gondolas hanging in the air… GONDOLAS!!

This was the Second place winner, 3 am pizza party that included the pizza stealing bear, and a dragon…

This was the third place winner of the evening, I think it should have done better, it ROCKS!

This was a runner up but its still pretty radical “The Yellow Brick Road To Whizler”

This was another runner up that was pretty amazing, Bungee Jumping Lego!

This is a overview of all most of the finished creations.  In the end it was awesome so see what everyone came up with there was no shortage of creativity and everyone ended up going home with some kind of prize.    Overall it was a great success for the inaugural event, one of which I am already excited to attend (and likely compete in) next year!

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