Are you sick and tired of people not knowing that you’re from Texas? Sure, your gapper gap, starter jacket and rear entry boots might get the point across, but to the untrained eye, that stuff can go right over people’s heads. Fear not, my longhorn friend, lucky for you there’s the Quick Pole System– a sure fire way to let everybody know that you hale from the lone star state. Unlike unconventional ski carry systems like the Texas Suitcase, the Quick Pole system combines style and unnecessary complication.

The system is really ingenious, like your boots, your poles can now clip into your skis! After you take off your skis simply get down on the ground, force your poles into your skis via the patented  clips, stand up and carry your skis like they’re grocery bags. Finally, you can carry your equipment with a free hand to talk on your cell phone, throw a snowball, or just throw high fives to random strangers. No more sore shoulders or awkward fumbling around with scissored skis- the Quick Pole System makes the extremely difficult task of carrying your own equipment practically a no brainer. IT”S THE REVOLUTION!

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