The Swiss Dominate Ski Big Air at

There must be something in the water in Switzerland because Swiss freeskier Elias Ambühl took the win and fellow swiss-man Kai Mahler grabbed second. Who ever said there’s no such thing as home court advantage. Elias landed a double cork 1440, an impressive trick for any big air jump let alone one constructed on scaffolding. corralled 32,000 visitors to watch the finals at Landiwiese Park in Zurich, Switzerland. Here’s the winning runs from Skateboard, Snowboard, FMX and Ski:


1) Elias Ambühl (After two second places in 2009 and 2010 he finally grabbed gold)
2) Kai Mahler
3) Jossi Wells
4) Andreas Håtveit
5) Gus Kenworthy
6) Markus Eder
7) Tom Wallisch
8) Alex Schlopy


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