Yep, told you, monkeys in the trees while you're skiing. Crazy, huh?

How fuggin’ weird would this be?  Ripping thru trees and watching monkeys screaming, freaking out, throwing poop at you, and cheering you on.  That’d be a pretty deeply burned ski memory, methinks.

And it would bring a whole new point system to G.N.A.R.? I think if you get hit with poop thrown by a monkey while skiing you lose AT LEAST 10,000 points….whattayathink?

Ok, has this point been driving home, yet? There are monkeys in the trees here.  That may well be worth traveling to India alone.

Gulmarg ski resort in India’s Kashmir will be getting their first Chair to add to their poop throwing monkey distractions. Currently they only have one gondola(built in 2005) that rises 4,429 feet to the top of Kongdori Mountain at 12,959 feet in the Himalayas.  This gondy is really for experience, avalanche savy, backcountry skiers and that’s about it.  When you step off this thing, you are out in the world on your own.

The new chair rises 1,634 vertical feet from the Kongdoori Valley to Mary’s Shoulder on Mt. Apharwat. This chair will run about parallel to the existing gondola’s upper section.

Trail map at Gulmarg ski resort in India without new chair depicted

Currently the gondola rises to too high an elevation for the International Ski Federation (ISF) to hold competitions at Gulmarg. They’re hoping that this new lower elevation chair will entice the ISF to hold competitions at Gulmarg in the near future.

Who has been to Gulmarg?  Is it worth it?  Did you get hit by poop?  Tell us more.  I wanna go, but I don’t know if it’s worth it.

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