We had a chance to get out on the venue yesterday and the snow has followed the theme of this South American adventure- powdery and sharky. The venue definitely has potential, but this is definitely not the year when you’re going to see the venue live up to said potential. The snow pack just isn’t there.

The good new is, when you’re not finding sharks buried just under the snow, the skiing is amazing. A foot or more of blower fell during the last storm, making the skiing pretty incredible (where there was a base before). The top of the venue has some pretty legit airs, although the organizers closed the biggest one (center in the above picture). The bottom section of the venue has a variety of options- from medium size airs to straightlines.


The day 1 venue is incredibly short- the faster runs will probably last about 30 seconds to get through the majority of the features. Day 2 has a bit more sustained vertical, but is still relatively short. Stay tuned for results from day 1 and a preview of day 2.

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