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Squaw Valley | Palisades VIDEO

Squaw Valley | Palisades VIDEO


Squaw Valley | Palisades VIDEO


Flashback MARCH 4TH 2011 Squaw Gives us Silverado & The Chimney Today

After all the insanity of the Silverado Situation, Squaw opened Silverado today and stoked-out many a Squaw skier.  Thanks Squaw.  The situation got quite a bit of attention including 3 articles on the San Francisco Chronicle’s website and one in the San Francisco Examiner’s.  The Chimney went down again today for the 3rd time this season.  Which is impressive considering we usually don’t get in there until after April Fool’s.  Patrol was super liberal with it today and it was open for a couple hours. Which is also unusual because it’s generally only open for 30 mins or an hour or so.  A big tip of the cap to patrol letting us have at it for so long today.  Although, there weren’t many takers.    How where the conditions?  Well, it’s still pretty boney in there.  Center Line, and The Loft were the only lines I saw skied.  Easy Street got worse since the last two sessions and the Sweep was looking hideous.  It had uphill ice that you had to land on off the cornice and it was peppery and off fall line and nasty.  I didn’t see anyone hit it.  Bomb holes were also an issue and you certainly didn’t wanna land in one today.  This dense powder is not the stuff you wanna get sloppy seconds on.    Silverado, Granite Chief Peak, and the Palisades all opened at 9am this morning making for some serious decision making for Squaw skiers.    Squaw Valley USA is officially completely tracked out.  Bring on the next storm tomorrow with hopefully more wet snow than rain.

words by, Miles Clark
edit by, Tim Konrad

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