nothing else matters

This trailer is mostly backcountry jibbing.  But, it’s pretty sick backcountry kicker jibbing.  My favorite part is in the end when they get 13 guys to hit three crossing park jumping “rapid fire” style all throwing tricks and all just missing each other by a few feet.

nothing else matters

That’s the last clip and it leaves ya wanting more.  I’m not even really into parky movies and this one has certainly caught my eye.  There is also some big mountain stuff in the video to satisfy the old schoolers.

Filmed and Directed by Andre Nutini.

Featured Athletes: Tobi Reindl, Bene Mayr, Paddy Graham, Thomas Hlawitschka, Sven Kueenle, Fabio Studer, Max Hill, Lucas and Tobi Mangold, Antii Ollila, Oscar Scherlin, Lolo Favre, Antti Otilla, Elvis Harsheim, Sebi Geiger, Nico Zacek, Tobi Tritscher and Toni Höllwart.

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