The Red Bull JoyRide at the 2011 Kokanee Crankworx Whistler, BC went off. With over 20 thousand people watching and a first prize of 25k. These Mtn. Bikers Sent it. Insane Biking | Crankworx | RedBull Joyride | Unofficial Networks

Insane Biking | Crankworx | RedBull Joyride

Insane Biking | Crankworx | RedBull Joyride


Insane Biking | Crankworx | RedBull Joyride


Saturday was the biggest day at Whistler Crankworx!  Not only was a large cheese being rolled down a hill, there was also the Red Bull Joyride event (formally known as the Monster Slopstyle).  The weather was perfect the course was insane, everyone was here to throw down.  There were huge tricks (back whips, doubles, 360 whips) and of course  huge bails (1:40 Holy S!#T Outch). Judging by the fact that on any side of the course you couldn’t see dirt shows how many spectators came up from Vancouver to check out the event. I’d guess that this what the biggest Crankworx turnout yet, over 20 thousand people came to watch this event.



Local BrandonSemenuk got 1st and took home $25k

2nd was Cam Zink,

3rd Anthony Messere,

4th Greg Watts,

5th Geoff Gulevich.

It was one hell of a show.

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