Okay. So you think the top 5 “most heralded lines” at Squaw are: For Pete’s Sake, High Line on McConkey’s, Schmidiots, Tram Face (any line), and Sacrifice. It seems each answer also had an asterisk attached to the nomination. For example, turns had to be made down High Line, and Schmidiots had to be ridden in its original form of pads versus skiing it as a straightline-to-air. Cool. What about hucks? Squaw has grown a reputation for people that like to take flight, and as Squallywood the Book captures, there’s ample opportunities to log vertical air time with each visit to Squaw Valley USA (also see, Walls of Freedom, 1995).

The question, while it may seem easy, has many factors to take into account. Some airs are clean, like the Main Air in the Fingers. Some drops are the definition of fat-to-flat, like Adrenaline Rock.  There are technical cliffs like Chamber’s, and V Rock, and then there are  the go-to fun drops many skiers race for on a powder day, like No Way Out. And then there’s the airs that very few have, or ever will drop, like the Gun Show.

Gunnar's line to lookers left, Mike Wilson's to lookers right Photo courtesy of tetongravity.com

So what do you think? Is it the technicality, aura, fun factor, difficulty, or sheer air-time that makes one huck stand out? What do you think are the raddest hucks, and ultimately the raddest huck, at Squaw Valley?

Photo Courtesy of tetongravity.com

*Feel free to to scrupulously study Squallywood  to develop your most accurate answer. What?!? You don’t own it?!?  Get with the program and click here.

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