Lindsey Vonn is quickly becoming one of the most decorated female athletes in this history of skiing. The U.S. Ski Team Olympic and World Champion was just bestowed with her second Best Female Athlete ESPY. X-Games halfpipe champion Kelly Clark came in a close second.

Before 2010 no skier had ever won the top individual ESPY-male or female. Now she has won the coveted award twice.

“I want to thank everyone who has helped me along the way – my husband for putting up with me, my coaches, family and fans – thank you so much, you mean the world to me,” said Vonn, a resident of Vail, CO.

Now we all know (thank you, again, Shane) that Vail sucks. They suck for their corporate driven business model that has largely damaged the roots and identity of the ski industry, and for banning our Godfather, Shane McConkey, from their mountain (although that kinda helped bring him out here, so maybe it was meant to be).

But the question remains, is Vonn really that good? Obviously she’s extraordinary, but to receive an aware like this, twice, does that mean she’s the all-time best? Or is skiing finally becoming more of an accepted mainstream sport, and she just happens to be capitalizing on the momentum?

Vonn’s second ESPY comes after a season that saw her bump her career Wolrd Cup wins to 41- a U.S. record. Her season also included three Audi FIS Alpine World Cup titles. She has now won 12 in total, which is more than any American skier in history, regardless of gender.

Although society should have adapted from its gender discrimination of the past by now, the strides she has made for female athletes cannot go unnoticed. This was Vonn’s third career ESPY award, and the fourth recent time she has been recognized for her talents and athleticism outside of the singular lens of alpine skiing.

Beyond being nominated in the Female Athlete category of the 2011 Teen Choice Awards, Vonn also became the youngest and first woman (non-Euro) to win the Preis Herbert this year. She also captured the 2011 Laureus World Sport Award, as well as the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for Favorite Female Athlete.

Okay, it’s clear. Lindsey rips. She’s an amazing athlete, skier, and representative of the good ole’ U.S.A. Most people in our community, including the Unofficial staff, feel she’s deserving of all of these honors, and then some. It’s also amazing that such distinction has been made by a female skier, in a sport that has been traditionally dominated by males.

So what do you gals/guys think? Is she deserving? Is this all too much? Should she be getting even more recognition for her efforts?

Regardless, congrats, again, to Lindsey Vonn!


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