As we crawled up the pass in Anthony’s F350 through the 25′ snowbanks, we knew it was going to be a good one.  There were fireworks in the distance, the precursor to one of the best ragers I’ve been to in Telluride.  The one-pieces were primed, skis were waxed and the moon was full.  As the moon rose higher in the sky, the basin got brighter and brighter, keeping the girls dancing and 5 different DJs spinning till the sun came up.  We confidently agreed that at 13,000 feet it was the highest party in the world right then, and we did it like rock stars.  This was only the beginning as the day proved to be just as rowdy.

Lunar cup is an experience that has been a tradition every summer since 1977, and this one was one of the latest on record.  They simply could not get the road ready in time, and the generous snowpack was obvious.  Everyone was commenting that there was more snow in the bowl than is typical a month earlier.  The race course was set higher up and it was a great one, technical and long.  The snowpack also lended itself to some big lines being ripped- everything got tagged and there was one big straight-line in particular by our own teammate Mr. Casey Riva that left the crowd gasping.  Lets just say the line ‘didn’t really go’  but he sent it.  There were also some park rats throwing down mean back flips and corked-out airs.  Now onto the race…
We killed it- even though we were all out way past team curfew we pulled it together.  A few bloodies at the start gate helped everyone get in the zone.  There were rainbow guys in mini-skirts, lots of BN racing and beautiful women that were making everyone wish summer skiing happened more often.  If there’s a heaven, I think it may be like what went  down in that basin last weekend.  Thank you to Roby and everyone else that helped make this possible, what rad time.

(Edited by Casey Riva)





BN Sasquatch!


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