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Nelson | Building Mountain Bike Trails w/ Rilor.

Nelson | Building Mountain Bike Trails w/ Rilor.


Nelson | Building Mountain Bike Trails w/ Rilor.


This is Riley.

Riley McIntosh is a bit of a local celebrity among the riding community in Nelson. His hands are responsible for some of the best trails Nelson has to offer. Pouring countless hours of blood, sweat and tears into everything he builds, we went up to his latest creation to see what his daily is like.

Moving earth the old fashioned way, by hand.

Fresh dirt berm, getting a hand pack treatment.

His newest trail is currently dubbed “escobaricorn”, which is a combination of Pablo Escobar, and a Unicorn. This trail is going to be so awesome. It’s designed with the intermediate rider in mind, so that it’s fun and flowy for everyone, but for the shredding inclined, you’ll be able to really turn it on and rip.

Fueling up.

A nearby blowdown get's hacked up for some wooden slats.


Together we sessioned some of the latest features, of which included a wicked chicaning berm section, where you could really pull some g-force and roost the soft dirt. It was awesome. Cal, Riley, Chris and I had a wicked session riding, then we ventured a little deeper into the woods to see where dreams become reality.

Riley tests out the fruits of his labour.

– Mason Mashon

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