Whether you live in California or are planning to come for a visit, everyone should take the scenic route via Highway 1 at some point. If you find yourself in Nor-Cal coming up through Sonoma en route to Mendocino take a moment to check out Black Point Beach. Another rough, hard-to-score surf break, Black Point Beach isn’t easy to catch in ideal conditions, but if you’re passing through there’s no reason to not stop and soak in the scenery.

If you’re looking for a surf N, NW, and SW swells work best. It can be a fun break to paddle out for during a waist-high pulse, but it can also handle overhead conditions as well. E, SE, and S winds are the most favorable wind conditions for Black Point Beach, which again makes it a tough one to score with the predominant N and NW winds. Mid-tide is also favorable.

If the surf isn’t looking so sweet stroll along the several miles of coastal trails that are worthy enough for a stop-off.

Wildflowers and unique costal vegetation go off at Black Point Beach,

and there’s even a cosy lodge,

a tasty, ocean-view restaurant,

and cool little art gallery to check out as well.

Serving locally produced wines and beers, with fresh seasonal seafood, the Black Point Grill is definitely worth the stop on its own. You might as well treat yourself to an award winning meal if you’re in the area-it’ll give you some calories to burn for the many adventures you’ll have at your fingertips when you continue up Highway 1 into arguably the rawest county on the coast in Mendocino.

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