At 8am this morning Squaw Valley reopened for skiing and riding. The people were lined up when the Funitel started loaded skiers for a day of fun atop Squaw Valley snow capped peaks. The sun cupping was not as bad as we all feared and the snow conditions were outstanding. Good corn could be found on most aspects.
The resort was a full on party today with heaps of people soaking up the California Sun.
Eric Bryant skiing Main Chute off the Palisades.

An Austrian tele-markering tourist named Jehren Boem making his way down Sibo with style.

It was a good turnout of skiers and riders today. Everyone was jazzed up and thoroughly enjoying the summer snow sliding.

This guy was skiing around on a Shot-Ski! We jump of the chair with him and got the story.

The Shot-ski Dude told us he was an engineering student at a prestigious university and that he had thought up the idea of a skiable Shot-ski in a dream. He then removed the Shot-ski from his ski boot, poured us all shots of Jagermeister and the three of us did a shot-ski while riding up Siberia….. In July.

Here is the Shot-ski Dude three sheets to the wind and trying to get off of Siberia lift after our round of shots. He was totally wasted and crashed into that post. we all laughed.

There was Some of this going on.

Then at Austrian Tourist, Jehren Boem, told us he was going to “rip the shit” out of this rocky section above National Chute.

And he smoked it!

Wow. Today was ALL TIME. Thanks Squaw for letting us get some Summer skiing between our libations.

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

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