Not every backcountry mission has to be an epic. Sometimes, the most fun missions are those last minute ones where you just throw a bunch of crap in the car or boat. On trips like these, when space and weight aren’t a huge concern, I like to live luxuriously and grill all of my food. There’s no sense in eating unsatisfying backpacking food when you could be grilling up a big old steak, is there?

But, hauling your home grill and propane tank out into the woods is a bit of an effort, even by car camping standards. Thus, when I’m heading into the woods on a non-backpacking mission, I grab the Uniflame Portable Gas Grill. Yeah, it’s the cheap and dirty grilling solution from Walmart- so what? It does the trick. It’s small and still packs a big punch. Yeah, you might not be cooking an entire roast on it, but for steaks, burgers, and fish it’s perfect. Plus, the grill runs off of small propane tanks, rather than larger ones- further allowing you to travel light while still grilling. So, if your trip revolves around people and partying- not weight and hauling gear- kick down the $25 for the best compact grill ever.

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