Squaw 7:30 AM July 2nd 2011

Well, there was no frost on your windshield this morning, no new snow to speak of, no sounds of avalanche control (if you thought you heard any it was probably fireworks) no KT-22, no Headwall chair, and no cold crunching under you feet as you make your way out of the house.  But who cares!? It’s the middle of the summer and the lifts are spinning for the last time until turkey day if we’re lucky! So what the hell are you doing? Get off your butt and go make some turns!

Warm weather resort skiing is great.  People really come out of the woodwork when they can stop worrying about frostbite and focus more on showing off their beach bods and retro gear.  So dust off those skis, don some neon duds and go slide on some snow!

Squaw’s spinning The Cable Car, The Funitel, Gold Coast, Shirley Lake, Links, Siberia and they’re even gonna let you hike.hiking squaw valley with skis snow winter

Pool Parties, music, bikinis, booze.

squaw high camp pool party

If you’re not out there already (which you probably aren’t if you’re reading this) get you’re act together man! It’s the fourth of July Weekend and rafting is bust so GO SKIING!

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