Home Team Invasion - Volume #1 - Booze
Dan Hurley takes one for the Home Team as he bikes into the Caribbean off the Tranquila Bar deck.

The Line of the Week
Photo by Ryan Salm
Words by Ryan Salm
Location -Utila, Honduras
Biker – Dan Hurley/Home Team

Home Team Invasion – Volume #1 – Booze

It only happens so often in your mid-thirties that you can wrangle your best buddies together for a ten-day booze and scuba mission to Honduras. As it happens, a bunch of them are teachers or self employed, none have kids and all like to party! So, what did we do? We all booked our flights together, sat five deep in a row and raged our way to Central America.

Upon arrival we were greeted by a World Cup buddy of mine, Jeremiah who had been living in Utila as a dive master. From the second we touched foot on that tropical soil it was on. Jeremiah, as it turned out was a local legend. He styled us out immediately and as his friends we too felt the affable love. We never had to settle in, we just rocked out! Bottom line is we needed to kick start summer into high gear, needed to work on our tans, needed to get into the ocean and needed to get our summer festival vibe in full effect!

So there we were bringing Tahoe to the Caribbean; dancing on the bar, taking shots, arm wrestling 23-year old chicks, wearing costumes, winning limbo contests, playing gigs with our band, the Love Thongs, having chicken fights, and playing practical jokes. I think naked guy may have even shown his tan lines on the island. Luckily for you readers those weren’t the Lines of the Week. As a whole our Tahoe crew was loved, hated (by French people), feared and laughed at everywhere we wandered.

As a final stunt and send off salute to the perfect time and wonderful people we met in Utila, Dan Hurley decided to finally man up. He put down a shot of rum and biked through Tranquila Bar, the home of Tequila Tuesday and in front of a packed house aired off the dock and into the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea.

“We all know that when you are on a short vacation, there are no down days.  Our raging posse of 8 tried to make sure there weren’t even down minutes, except maybe Bobowski, who slept through most of the fun.  I thought that I could add some “extremeness” to the trip by adding to the nail-holes in my foot and the infected spider bite on my knee with a tetanus-soaked, rusty, metal bike basket scratch on the leg.  It was easy!  All I needed was a foggy mask, a tequila drenched snorkel,  the Arena Lady (a Central American girls mountain bike), and the will to look like an idiot in front of a decent crowd full of Dive “Masters” who don’t think pro call-outs are very funny.  “I’m the best diver on the island!” Dan Hurley

Home Team Crew
Naked Guy”
“Jay with a “G”
“Muffin Top”
“Boring Fish”
“Lil Cuz”
“Clark Griswald”
“That Chick with the Mustache”
Special thanks to Jeremiah, BBUW, BOI #1 & #2, Alfred, Hagfish, Dan’s Spiderbite aka “the rash”, and all of Jay’s Boyz.

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The Line of the Week is a weekly photo piece by Ryan Salm featuring some of Tahoe’s finest athletes doing whatever we deem rad. We will be using the term “Line” loosely to describe anything resembling chutes, big airs, pointers or any general madness. All images are the property and copyright of Ryan Salm Photography.

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