Looking for a quick workout? Maybe you want to climb, but have no partner to rope-up with? The Ladder Boulder can fill the void. Located in beautiful D.L. Bliss State Park the Ladder Boulder is a Tahoe classic and will wake up those dormant climbing muscles in no time.

To reach the boulder just drive to the base of Jake’s down the West Shore and take a left at the D.L. Bliss entrance.

About .8 miles down on your right, just before the pay station you’ll see the backside of the boulder. There’s not much to inspire you from this vantage, but a quick walk to the other side of the rock will reveal the goods.

The Ladder Boulder is a local favorite because it hosts several worthy routes that can entertain hardcore climbers and noobs alike. It’s basically a jug fest with huge bucket holds and positive edges throughout the face. Routes range from V1-V4 and will get you pumped and breathing hard in no time. If you’re solid enough to breeze through the harder routes then you don’t really need my beta because you either already know this boulder exists, or you’re linking up multiple lines in one push for the added workout available when you can climb that hard.

If you’re interested in climbing in Tahoe, or more specifically bouldering, pick up Supertopo’s “Lake Tahoe Bouldering” guidebook and start exploring the Basin for the many excellent quality bouldering opportunities littered about from Donner Summit to Woodford’s Canyon. Supertopo also makes mention to pay the $3 day use fee if you do plan to climb at the Ladder Boulder to keep good climber/ranger relations as you’re not supposed to park in front of the boulder.

The Ladder Boulder is a favorite with its zero approach, beautiful setting, and availability to entertain solid and beginner climbers. However, there’s literally thousands of problems throughout the Basin and sometimes it’s just as worthy to check out a new spot you haven’t been to around the Lake-bouldering is just a good excuse to get you there. There’s a ton of good boulders to climb in D.L. Bliss and great hiking trails and beaches to check out as well. Currently, you may even stumble on some wildflowers, which are going off all around the Lake right now.



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