Snow King Resort offers so much more than skiing in the winter.  During the summer months, it is a mecca for recreation.   There are bike trails running throughout the terrain, hiking trails, and a bouldering wall in the park at the base.  Having all of this within blocks of the town square is just one more great thing about Jackson.

Alpine Slide

If you want a break from physical activity and are looking to get out and have a little fun, Snow King has just the answer; Alpine slide and mini-golf.  It is quite pricy compared to the free trails and climbing, but it good to support the local hill every now and again.  An alpine slide ride is 15 dollars and an 18 hole round of golf is 8 bucks.  For $13 a local can get a round of golf in and a slide after 4pm.

The Putt-Putt course has no on course waterfalls, or windmills, but it is quite an entertaining 18 and could throw some challenges for the PGA stars.  As for the Alpine Slide, it is an awesome way to get down the hill. There is a spot where air is possible, but watch out for the corners.  As many people have found out, you will fall off the track trying to give full gas top to bottom.  The road rash can really interfere with every day life.

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