Here I am kicking out a drift with Paul Stevens following close behind.
Here I am kicking out a drift with Paul Stevens following close behind. Photo: Cal Jelley

The trail crew in the Whistler Bike Park has been keeping their hands in the dirt steady. There were a couple spots on Schleyer that were getting a little beat up from the steady traffic this trail sees. One particular spot was the drop into S-berms near the top of the trail. Heavy braking after the drop pretty much ruined the berms, so the boys got in there with a little steam shovel and re-shaped them.

Nothing like freshly turned dirt after a little bit of rain. Can you tell which tires are popular?

I hooked up with my friends Paul Stevens, Matt Montadon, James McSkimming and Callum Jelley and we went and sessioned the berms together for a little bit.

Me and the boys getting amongst it.

Other parts on the trail that saw some handy work of the trail crew include the very first section of the trail before the Joyride merge, and most notably the infamous Schleyer drop has had all of its decrepit woodwork removed.

Here's Cal descending from his tree angle!

The lower section has yet to see any updates, but I can imagine that trail crew will be moving in to fix the speed management issues that are prevalent on the last two step-downs.

Now, go riding.

– Mason Mashon

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