nico monforte squaw valley 2011

This is Nico Monforte’s 2011 season edit.  He shoots with Truancy Productions, is only 18 (Correction 16), and is a frightening ripper.

The whole video is Nico and the whole video is good, but here are the highlights:

1:00 – Nico hucks the crap outta Main Air on the Fingers and Stomps it in Stupid Deep Snow.  Shot from Chairlift = killer angle.

2:34 – ENORMOUS slo-mo backflip.

2:50 – Nico makes one of the worst decisions I’ve ever seen live at Squaw Valley off Coleman’s Alternate on KT-22.

Nico wants to say thanks and recognize his great sponsors:  Blizzard, Tecnica, Leki, Toko, and Arcade Apparel.

This video was filmed by Zach Rickenbach & Kenny Wilson.

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