Heading to Chile for some skiing this summer? Maybe you should check out Punta Ure…
From surfline.com
It’s been there all along. Catching the attention of only a handful of the tens of thousands of vacationers that frequent the beaches outside Santiago, Chile.

“This wave is not even a secret spot because it’s in the middle of two big cities,” pioneer Ramon Navarro explained. “But not many people really look for big waves aroundhere. I heard some rumors about it, and two years ago while I was injured, I was nearby with my girlfriend without the idea of evenseeing waves…and I saw the thing breaking. Then

I checked it again with Kohl Christensen but the swell wasn’t big enough. But this last swell was The One.” 

Navarro and tow partner Cristian Merello decided to brave the uncharted spot, known as Punta Ure, during the recent run of Southern Pacific swells.

“This was the real day to see this never-before-ridden point,” Merello recalled.”The day before we checked conditions and decided we were going to ride Punta Ure. When we arrived that morning, we only had enough time to prep the equipment and get into the ocean. But it looked really good from the ski. I think that it works best over 20 feet.”

The wave itself is actually a giant A-frame breaking over reef. But Merello and Navarro have yet to come to a conclusion on which direction is best. 

“The wave is both a left and right, but it looks like the left can hold more size,” Navarro said. “It was really good for the left but the right was more closed out. However, we don’t really know yet because this was the first swell we surfed there.”

More pics, video, and stoke at http://www.surfline.com/surf-news/big-wave-discovery-chile_56736/

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