Watch as 100K screaming happy people take to the streets of Vancouver, BC to celebrate the win of game 5. Vancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins 100,000 People Party in Downtown Vancouver | Unofficial Networks

100,000 People Party in Downtown Vancouver

100,000 People Party in Downtown Vancouver


100,000 People Party in Downtown Vancouver


Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals took place on Friday and the downtown core of Vancouver was packed shoulder to shoulder with 100,000+ people, all cheering for the Canucks. The party began well before 5pm, and lasted through 3am (well that’s when I went home). The video just shows a fraction of the madness… So don’t miss today’s Game, because you’ll miss the most important game in Canucks History .

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The Stanley Cup Playoffs have grossed the city of Vancouver millions of dollars and everyone seams happy… However the game tomorrow will tell if the stoke continues or if Vancouver goes into eternal depression. Today is Game 7, at home, vs the Boston Bruins! It doesn’t get any bigger than this! Today liquor stores are closing early, business are shutting at 2pm. Come 5 o’clock the city will be at a stand still with all eyes glued to the tube. You don’t want to miss this!

The Vancouver sun quoted : “This is the most important hockey game in this franchise’s history,” said Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini, “and also the most important hockey game in the country, on par with the Olympic gold [medal] hockey game.”


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