mormons unofficial caption contest

The winner of the Unofficial Caption Contest was supposed to be announced on May 25th.  So, we’re a little late, but we’ll be on it with the next one.  Our next Caption Contest will start next week with a new photo and we’re looking forward to see even more creativity, and I for one, wanna see some more raunchy captions. For all the hilarious comments click here. For the winning caption Keep Reading.



UnofficialSnowbird starts their summer mission. – SeaQueue

Walking around the Mother’s Day picnic in bike helmets, shirts, ties, and assless Dockers = 100 GNAR points. – Mike

We heard that the girls in Squaw need more than one man, so we brought four. – Zzzzzz

Contestants preparing for the annual Running of the Mormons. – Nick

What you cant hear is the extreme team saying “Have you prepared for Jahovah’s return?” – Jeah


Bradon – with this lewd and rollicking caption:

After the angry mob finally caught up with them, Frank admitted that it was in fact him that sharted and left his undies in the Jax bathroom.


Alright, look for another Caption Contest next week and lets really get nasty with it, okay?

Did you guys think this was the best Caption for this photo of the ones in the comments of the post?  Unofficial Caption Contest – Original Post.

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