Photographers Blake Jorgenson, Eric Berger, Jordan Manley and Paul Morrison offer a one of a kind workshop on action sports photography. Whistler Outdoor Photography Workshop | Unofficial Networks

Whistler Outdoor Photography Workshop

Whistler Outdoor Photography Workshop


Whistler Outdoor Photography Workshop


This last weekend, I was invited by Blake Jorgenson to tag along with the WOPW. A small group of enthusiast photographers were teamed up with some of the industries finest to shed light on photography and it’s multitude of techniques and skill sets. Blake organized some heaving hitting photographers including the likes of Eric Berger, Paul Morrison, and Jordan Manley.

Stephen, Rory and I put on a show for the cameras. Photo: Marc

The course consisted of three days of shooting, which included two days on the ski hill shooting with pro athletes James Heim, Rory Bushfield and Logan Pehota, and one day shooting mountain biking with Stephen Matthews, Rory, and myself. It was very cool to follow the group around and gain insight into the creative processes behind producing amazing photos.

An action close-up. Photo: Marc

Another day was spent in the Westin, where the students learned the ins and outs of editing in Adobe’s Lightroom, and the instructors used examples of their best work to explain how they edit their own images. The instructors provided intelligent and constructive critiques, and helped each of the students compile their best work from the session and package it into a slideshow presentation.

A nice pan image to show speed. Photo: Nic Alegre

The plan is to continue offering these courses in the fall time and in the winter, and considering the depth of the talent the instructors are drawing from, it is an invaluable experience, and easily well worth the money.

Here are some of the solid images that the class produced of me on my bike.

Another angle on the three of us riding. Photo: Dan Evans

The trails around Whistler are really quite nice. Photo: Marc

We found a nice little natural hip onto this rock. Photo: Dan Evans

After a few long days in the field, everyone deserved one of these. Photo: Marc

Now go take some pictures!


– Mason

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