There’s 160” in the bowl. That includes about 6” of fresh that fell on Tuesday. Come Saturday, it’s on…again. There’s gonna be  a full maze Saturday morning. The Big Red Box is going to be packed, with more anticipation for Jackson’s “summer” season than ever before.

Cody Peak- Mid December

Skis, boards, and whatever other downhill transportation devices are allowed (although perhaps not officially encouraged) on the tram. Anyone planning on schussing MUST exit through the top gate and in-bounds schussing is strictly prohibited. In the past, in-bounds skiing hasn’t been a problem- as snow traditionally melts far enough from the valley floor that it’d be a pain in the ass to down climb that far. In years past hiking back up to the tram and downloading was the more realistic way down.

Cody- May

Not this year. There are rumors of patrol being staffed explicitly to keep an eye on any poachers. Besides, you’ll be able to ski reasonably close to the bottom via Rock Springs or Granite if you’re that hell bent on skiing up to the VC. So, out of respect for the mountain stay outside the chains. It’s pretty cool that they even allow us to bring shredding stuff up (they don’t have to) so nobody go ruin it by dropping Corbet’s. You should have done that in pow anyway. It only takes one jackass to ruin it for the rest of us. So, come Saturday, grab your downhill sliding device and get some (more) last turns. It’s gonna be awesome.