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I was out a a bar last week with my buddy Franky and I realized that we were two of the only guys in the place not wearing women’s jeans. WTF? This hipster thing is getting out of control. I know that the guys in the emo bands that these fellas like so much dress like chicks and act like morons, but that is not a reason for masses of people to follow in their footsteps. If the lead singer of your favorite band jumped off a building would you? I doubt it…

The following video pretty much sums up my feeling on the subject.

The hipster girls are not much better, but at least…..they are girls. What I really can’t understand is when I see a good looking chick who is not a lame ass hipster with one of these guys. Call me a hater, I don’t care. It makes no sense to me why any female would want to date or even more bizarrely f*ck one of these losers. They wear makeup and tight jeans. You might as well hook up with another girl. They would be softer and smoother and you would have less chance of catching an STD.

I must be getting old. People must have said the same thing about me when I was skateboarding and wearing really big jeans in and after high school. No! No they were not, because skating and big jeans were, are, and always will be way cooler than riding a fixie and wearing your sisters pants. This trend is wide spread in the SLC and I am sure just about everywhere else.  Maybe the mountain community can save the world from lameness by speaking up and getting these kids to start acting cool again.Let me know what you think America…

Hipsters, Unofficial Review

I had to add this. Thanks Sean.

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