high fives

high fivesSome High Fives from the Trains action from last year at Sugar Bowl.

High Fives’ Trains ski and snowboard park event at Alpine Meadows on Saturday is gonna be sweet.  Other than that, Tahoe is reflecting it’s lame, un-spring-like weather with almost nothing cool going on.  Squaw is having a retro ski day and pool party on saturday, meh.  Mamasake’s wasabi eating contest should be entertaining.  Yeah, we’re hurting…

Saturday, April 16 – Trains Freestyle Ski & Snowboard Contest. Alpine Meadows.  High Fives Non Profit puts this on and it’s a helluva a show with non-stop park nastiness.  More info:  Trains.

Saturday, April 9  – Mamasaki’s Wasabi Eating Contest.  Mamasaki sushi in the Squaw Village.  Not sure of the timing on this one.  Watch people puke thru their noses after gutting too much wasabi!  Who does this?

Saturday , April 16 – Squaw Valley Retro Day and Pool Party.  Pool party with DJ at High Camp from 1-4pm.


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