Snowmobile and brokeoff mountian in the background
Things that go braahp make accessing the north side of Brokeoff that much more fun

With record breaking snowfall and a little snow in the forecast it was time to head up North and see what sort of goods Lassen National Park harbors.  Driving up through Shingletown things were looking a little on the thin side but as soon as the paved road transitioned to dirt along Brokeoff Meadows Road it quickly turned to snow, and it was time to burn some two stroke oil!  Using a forest service access road you can sled all the way to the wilderness boundary, putting you almost at the base of the north side of Brokeoff Mountain.

Skin Track
A quick skin across the meadow at the base before starting the climb up

From the point of abandoning the sled it’s a relatively quick skin up, only taking about 1hr 45min followed by a final 15 minute boot pack to the summit.  On the down, conditions were rather variable to say the least.  The ridge line was scoured, followed by some glory pow turns, transitioning to dust on crust out the bottom half.

Variable turns
From scoured to pow to dust on crust Brokeoff had it all today. The turns out the bottom half were a mix of pleasure and pain

Regardless of conditions, Brokeoff always offers a fun ski as you are out there all alone, never crossing nor seeing another track, let alone another skier.

Brokeoff mountain
Brokeoff in all it's glory