"The Ordinary Skier" - Two year Seth Morrison Documentary

"The Ordinary Skier" - Two year Seth Morrison Documentary

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"The Ordinary Skier" - Two year Seth Morrison Documentary


Oakley’s 1242 Productions, in cooperation with Constantine “CP” Papanicolaou, have announced the upcoming release of “The Ordinary Skier,” a documentary film on skier Seth Morrison. The two-year film project aims to show that professional skiing isn’t a winter hobby, but rather a year-round pursuit of exploration and adventure.

For Seth Morrison, skiing is much more than a sport or job, it’s a way of life. It’s not a privilege he was born with; it’s a passion he discovered on his own. Through hard work and dedication, Morrison has become one of the best skiers in the world. The Ordinary Skier traces his journey from the middle class suburbs of Chicago to the Colorado Rockies and into the underground ski-bum subculture that would eventually become Freeskiing. This is the story of how a collection of misfits turned an elite sport upside down, and how an ordinary kid chased his dream and became one of skiing’s most iconic heroes.

Always pushing the envelope, always looking forward, Morrison is one of the few godfathers of the action sports world who have remained at the forefront of their sport for more than a decade. One of the hardest working pros in the industry, Seth’s incredible staying power is a testimony to his constant evolution as a skier. His uncanny ability to read terrain and manipulate it to his advantage is unmatched in the ski world. Morrison is the anti-claimer, quietly seeking the gnarliest line and executing it to perfection.

Seth is the center of attention in an upcoming Oakley ski film, which will show skiing in a different light and highlight some aspects of the sport that aren’t normally conveyed in films. Morrison spent last season filming in Alaska, Chamonix, South America and more. This second and final season of filming will be spent in Retallack, B.C., Colorado, the Alps and Alaska. Morrison will be joined by Oakley athletes in his travels around the globe, including Pep Fujas, Sean Pettit, JP Auclair and Sammy Carlson.

“The Ordinary Skier” will be available Fall 2011.


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